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A night of dieselpunk fabulousness-  Saturday September 11th The Alamo Drafthouse will be screening a fully restored copy of Fritz Lang's Metropolis with live musical accompaniment by Golden Hornet Project.  Tickets are 25 dollars and are on sale now!  

It would be fun to get a group together to see this!
More deets:

Airship Disaster Photos and SoCo Stroll!

Austin 360 posted their photos from last Saturday's Airship Disaster party at Elysium here:

Also, for those of you who missed it onsteamfashion ,brass goggles, or the Austin forum on Texas Steampunks-

there's a group outing planned for 1st Thursday(that would be june 3rd)on South Congress-deets:

just thought since there's at least 4 different groups floating around here in Austin it might be best to spread the word to include as many folks as possible.

Outland Armour Needs Your Help

As some may have heard, Outland Armour was at a convention in Nashville during the time of the flooding. They were not evacuated as they should have been, and as a result, there looks to be a loss of their bus, personal cars, and most likely a great deal of their personal props, costumes, and goods they were selling.

Although they are fortunate in that they are all alive, safe, and well at this point, the loss of their items is pretty devastating. Weeks, months, years of work that went into their craft is quite possibly utterly lost.

I'm taking it upon myself to help them rebuild it. Outland Armour has been around for years, and is one of the first known groups to really push the Steampunk movement forward. From those of us who have been inspired by them, I think we should do something for them in return.

Any donations of watch parts, odd electronic bits, prop components, brass, leather etc would be welcomed as I've heard they're preferring building blocks to money, and according to one of them, money would be going toward fixing their bus and then to charity for those in Nashville who have lost far greater. I'll be sending it along personally, though I'm sure they'd welcome anyone contacting them with well wishes and such.

So, Austin Steampunks, how about we band together as a community and try to help our fellow crafters get back in the game?

If you're interested in helping, contact me here, or at Killangel at gmail dot com with the subject 'Outland Armour Donation'

Also, you can contact Ryan Kightlinger (Magnus Thunaer) of Outland Armour as well at Outlandarmourryan at gmail dot com

-Jenna (Persey Darling of the Delirium of Grandeur)
We're having our TENTH sorta-bi-weekly meetup on Wednesday, 10Feb10 at Epoch Coffee. 

Everyone is welcome, just look for a brown fedora and brass goggles and that will be me.

Epoch Coffee
221 W North Loop Blvd.
Austin, TX 78751

The tenth meetup feels like one of those 'milestone' things... not quite a new millennium, but a pretty big deal since getting Steamfolks to show up is like herding cats!  ;^}

ALSO... A few of us attended the ArcAttack show here in Austin last night and actually have a picture:

That's Baron Pablo, Arvis and JJ Folderol in back with Parsec (Front guy for ArcAttack) in front.
We've definately got a western influence going on...

ALSO ALSO... We've started up a new discussion/contact/events site on Ning for the Texas Steampunks.

Join up, start a discussion for your city/locality and pass the word along.



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I look forward to our next meeting.  Last week, I got an E-mail message from Wendy Snyder regarding the "Armadillocon," which this time will have a steampunk theme!  They're taking applications for dealer tables if anyone is interested...

You can see their web-page at: www.armadillocon.org

In the meantime, I present you with the first in my line of accessories for my calculation engines;  below, I present the Wilhelm-Finnegan (Wi-Fi) Aetherial Receptor with Unevenly-Synchronized Balun (USB) Adapter.  I guess I started backward with the more difficult projects first,  and then I started moving on to simpler ideas.  However, I'm trying to move beyond the Flash modules, which seem to be evolving very  fast (if the trend keeps up, soon they'll be available in cereal boxes!).

The Wi-Fi adapter is solidly encased in epoxy putty and wood barrels; a suggestion by the fictitious Mr. Finnegan, who pointed out it would be appropriate to have a beer keg-like finish which will not clash in an aether-pub environment.  He also suggested a near-indestructible construction --in case of pub-brawls, you understand.     The clock was my idea, as Mr. Finnegan has a penchant for missing his appointments.

J. Wilhelm
Front Wilhelm-Finnegan AdapterFace Wilhelm-Finnegan Adapter
Side Wilhelm-Finnegan Adapter

Happy New Year and some ramblings...

Dear colleagues:

I hope you had a very pleasant holiday season.  I just got word back from Ms. S.J. Chambers, and it looks that we're included in the "Master Index"  of the Steampunk Bible, although that does not automatically qualify the entries to publish photos or articles in the book, mostly due to space limitations.  The selection of suitable candidates for publication will be announced later this January.

Yesterday I spent a sleepless night at our forum in brassgoggles.co.uk, discussing some crazy ideas about putting sails on a Zeppelin.   Well, being who I am, I had to expound on the subject, and I had a little bit of an epiphany / "acid trip" (see this entry:   http://brassgoggles.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,21122.0.html ) I couldn't resist drawing this just for the fun of it!!

Wilhelm Orca Airship


Just Providing Some Exposure for our Group

Esteemed Colleagues:
Below I attach my submission to the "Steampunk Bible," currently being compiled by Mr. Jeff VanderMeer and Ms. S.J. Chambers ( ref. http://www.jeffvandermeer.com/2009/10/25/seeking-steampunks-for-fun-and-archiving/ and http://www.sjchambers.org/news.html )

S. J. Chambers, Master Archivist

                                                               December 14, 2009

Dear Ms. Chambers:

  I write to you from our fair City of Austin, in the Republic of Texas, in reference to Mr. VanderMeer's excellent efforts on the creation of the "Steampunk Bible." Among our local and very loosely-knit steampunk circles I go by the name of "J. Wilhelm" (http://community.livejournal.com/seaholm_steam/).

  I just wanted to add my small contribution by exposing some of the very beginnings of this movement here in Austin, as there seems to be no slow-down, as some might suggest. Quite to the contrary, the movement is still emergent, and there is a fair amount of interest from people who still don't know about Steampunk and Neo-Victoriana, but are first exposed to this movement. This place is a good snapshot of the "beginning processes," so to speak. So new is the Art in the Austin/San Antonio area, that we are still just barely discovering one another after a year-or-so in the blog circles (e.g. refer to these blog entries: http://brassgoggles.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1502.375 ) .

  For my part, my contribution is limited to the manufacture of "Calculation Engines" (i.e. computers), of which I think that Austin is a natural location for this type of industry (http://www.victoriansteam.baroquestone.com). My devices, are just a meek re-interpretation of the work done by the "steampunk elders," a.k.a. Jake Von Slatt, and Nagy "Datamancer," but the local response to my machines from the public has been positive (in spite of the simplicity of my efforts). My point being that the public is certainly fascinated by this style, provided the right exposure. I look forward to the release of Mr. VanderMeer's Steampunk Bible. Please feel free to contact me or the members at the Seaholm Steam & Diesel blog group if you require any more information.
Sincerely, J. "Wilhelm" Dunn
Aeronautical Engineer and Calculation Engine Fabricator


My name is Molly and i wanted to take the time to introduce myself. I haven't logged into my LiveJournal Account in years. Now that I am here I thought I would make some new acquaintances. Happy Holidays and hello again!


On Wednesday 02Dec -- if you're interested in coffee and a chat with strange people who dress funny -- we'll be meeting at the family-friendly Kneaded Pleasures Bakery Cafe.

3573 Far West Blvd
Austin, Texas
(512) 527-0699

That's about 1-1/2 blocks west of Mopac next to the Post Office.

We'll be there from about 6:00 p.m. until the closing at 9:00 p.m. and then move to Epoch if anyone still has a coffee and BS jones.

Again, Kneaded Pleasures is family-friendly so you can bring your mini-minions.


Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen:

I thought I should introduce myself to the Austin group. My name is John "Wilhelm" Dunn. I've barely discovered your group (including Seaholm Steam and Diesel) since last week. I don't know if I can be considered a Steampunker (I don't dress up or follow the lifestyle), but I am definetely involved in the manufacture of items that fit the category . This is an endeavor I just started as an additional enterprise, mostly out of severe need for financial supplement due to the fact that I am an unemployed aerospace aeronautical engineer. Anyone in need of air-worthy vessels?

To give a you a spoiler, here I present my "Calculation Engines," of which I thought that Austin is a natural place to produce these type of artifacts:

The Timekeeper PC

I look forward to meeting you all.


J. Wilhelm

(“J_Wilhelm” in LJ, have patience with me, never used LJ before until today….I’m just setting up now…LJ’s “hundreds of trained monkeys” don’t really impress me, in fact I find them really confusing)