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Just Providing Some Exposure for our Group

Esteemed Colleagues:
Below I attach my submission to the "Steampunk Bible," currently being compiled by Mr. Jeff VanderMeer and Ms. S.J. Chambers ( ref. http://www.jeffvandermeer.com/2009/10/25/seeking-steampunks-for-fun-and-archiving/ and http://www.sjchambers.org/news.html )

S. J. Chambers, Master Archivist

                                                               December 14, 2009

Dear Ms. Chambers:

  I write to you from our fair City of Austin, in the Republic of Texas, in reference to Mr. VanderMeer's excellent efforts on the creation of the "Steampunk Bible." Among our local and very loosely-knit steampunk circles I go by the name of "J. Wilhelm" (http://community.livejournal.com/seaholm_steam/).

  I just wanted to add my small contribution by exposing some of the very beginnings of this movement here in Austin, as there seems to be no slow-down, as some might suggest. Quite to the contrary, the movement is still emergent, and there is a fair amount of interest from people who still don't know about Steampunk and Neo-Victoriana, but are first exposed to this movement. This place is a good snapshot of the "beginning processes," so to speak. So new is the Art in the Austin/San Antonio area, that we are still just barely discovering one another after a year-or-so in the blog circles (e.g. refer to these blog entries: http://brassgoggles.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1502.375 ) .

  For my part, my contribution is limited to the manufacture of "Calculation Engines" (i.e. computers), of which I think that Austin is a natural location for this type of industry (http://www.victoriansteam.baroquestone.com). My devices, are just a meek re-interpretation of the work done by the "steampunk elders," a.k.a. Jake Von Slatt, and Nagy "Datamancer," but the local response to my machines from the public has been positive (in spite of the simplicity of my efforts). My point being that the public is certainly fascinated by this style, provided the right exposure. I look forward to the release of Mr. VanderMeer's Steampunk Bible. Please feel free to contact me or the members at the Seaholm Steam & Diesel blog group if you require any more information.
Sincerely, J. "Wilhelm" Dunn
Aeronautical Engineer and Calculation Engine Fabricator



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