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Outland Armour Needs Your Help

As some may have heard, Outland Armour was at a convention in Nashville during the time of the flooding. They were not evacuated as they should have been, and as a result, there looks to be a loss of their bus, personal cars, and most likely a great deal of their personal props, costumes, and goods they were selling.

Although they are fortunate in that they are all alive, safe, and well at this point, the loss of their items is pretty devastating. Weeks, months, years of work that went into their craft is quite possibly utterly lost.

I'm taking it upon myself to help them rebuild it. Outland Armour has been around for years, and is one of the first known groups to really push the Steampunk movement forward. From those of us who have been inspired by them, I think we should do something for them in return.

Any donations of watch parts, odd electronic bits, prop components, brass, leather etc would be welcomed as I've heard they're preferring building blocks to money, and according to one of them, money would be going toward fixing their bus and then to charity for those in Nashville who have lost far greater. I'll be sending it along personally, though I'm sure they'd welcome anyone contacting them with well wishes and such.

So, Austin Steampunks, how about we band together as a community and try to help our fellow crafters get back in the game?

If you're interested in helping, contact me here, or at Killangel at gmail dot com with the subject 'Outland Armour Donation'

Also, you can contact Ryan Kightlinger (Magnus Thunaer) of Outland Armour as well at Outlandarmourryan at gmail dot com

-Jenna (Persey Darling of the Delirium of Grandeur)


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